Get to know our artists and speakers

Abraham Samuel

Paperworld Middle East - Abraham Samuel

Associate Professor & Program Leader – Architecture, Amity University, Dubai

An academic administrator with 22 years of experience in architectural and interior design pedagogy. They have industry experience in architecture and interior design, have completed over 120 projects in various sectors, and have expertise in managing a creative work environment, program administration, curriculum development, assessment and evaluation, as well as organizing design talks, workshops, and site visits.

Jivan Hovhannisyan

Paperworld Middle East - Jivan Hovhannisyan

Armenian Artist & Art Instructor

Jivan Hovhannisyan is a passionate Armenian artist and seasoned muralist with 38 years of experience. He has been infusing Dubai's essence into his art since 2000, transforming various spaces into captivating canvases. His portfolio showcases how his murals and art breathe life into spaces with every stroke.

Kavita Sriram

Paperworld Middle East - Kavita Sriram

Artist, Art Therapy

As a visual storyteller, I create narrative and unique art that is free and seeks joy, often featuring vibrant colors and elf connections. I tell stories through images, drawing inspiration from various sources.

Haryjot Oberoi Bohra

Paperworld Middle East - Haryjot Oberoi Bohra

Head of Marketing & Communication, Khaleej Times

Haryjot Oberoi Bohra is the Head of Marketing, Branding, and Magazines at Khaleej Times. As a Youth Leader Ambassador and Golden Visa Holder, he boasts a comprehensive background in Marketing and Media, with expertise spanning radio, print, communications, corporate and CSR events, entertainment, and television.

Oberoi has a proven track record, having worked with prominent entities such as Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times Group), Star India Pvt Ltd, Khaleej Times, and Galadari Brothers Group, as well as in banking services with HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank.

Over his 17-year career, Oberoi has actively promoted various group portfolios using integrated marketing, media, and communication tools. He played a key role in implementing successful campaigns at Khaleej Times and Galadari Group, showcasing his skills in research, understanding target audiences, and contributing to brand development through effective advertising and marketing strategies in both print and digital media.

With an MBA in marketing from Amity Business School, Oberoi has actively engaged with external agencies, facilitating PR, advertising, trade exhibitions, and other media-related requirements for group companies. His academic background, coupled with extensive experience, has equipped him with a strong understanding of marketing, broadcast, and media trends in the UAE.

Kavita Sriram

Paperworld Middle East - Kavita Sriram

Artist, Art Therapy

As a visual storyteller, I create narrative and unique art that is free and seeks joy, often featuring vibrant colors and elf connections. I tell stories through images, drawing inspiration from various sources.

Mussarat Yasmin Abid

Paperworld Middle East - Mussarat Yasmin Abid

Head of Ar Department - NAIS, Dubai

Mussarat Yasmin is a Visual Art teacher with 15 years of experience as a modern artist. She was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, with Pakistani roots, and enjoys passing on her passion and expertise to young adults, helping them discover their creativity.

Nada Al Barazi

Paperworld Middle East - Nada Al Barazi

Head of Ar Department, NAIS - Dubai

Nada Al Barazi is a globally acclaimed and award-winning artist, renowned for her participation in numerous exhibitions across cities like New York, Paris, London, Rome, Miami, Istanbul, Dubai, and South Korea. As a member of the Dubai Business Women Council, she has received prestigious accolades, including the "Best Artistic Achievement" award from Magzoid Emerging Art Icons 2023 and the "Best Oil Painter" award from BeingShe Excellence Business & Professional Awards in May 2023.

Deeply committed to supporting the arts industry and emerging artists, Nada believes that art is essential to humanity, elevating and inspiring us by fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty. She sees art as a source of joy, a means to express values, and a bridge between cultures. Nada asserts that the arts play a vital role in building healthy communities, contributing socially, educationally, and economically, even in challenging times.

Nada is recognized internationally, often invited as a special guest, VIP guest, and speaker at various art exhibitions and events beyond the UAE. Her artworks are found in private collections in Germany, the UK, Turkey, and the United States, with some displayed in prestigious museums such as the Louvre, Zeugma Museum in Turkey, and in South Korea.

Nada's diverse artistic expressions, whether abstract, Impressionism-abstract, still-lives, or landscapes, showcase individual and spontaneous brush strokes, complemented by impeccable spatula handling. She is known for her unwavering pursuit of perfection in structuring her art, a skill she has mastered throughout her career.

Rafah Abdulrazzak

Paperworld Middle East - Rafah Abdulrazzak

Artist & Gallery Owner

Rafah Abdulrazzak is a Syrian artist who enjoys experimenting with contemporary techniques and mediums such as embroidery, oil painting, and charcoal portraits. She has participated in many exhibitions and draws inspiration from old Syrian locations, still life, animals, nature, and portraits. Rafah and her daughter also co-own Reem Art Gallery in Dubai, where they offer workshops and space for exhibitions.

Saida Banu

Paperworld Middle East - Saida Banu

HOD, Art Department, International School of Creative Science, Sharjah

Saida Banu is a passionate art teacher and has been the head of the Art and Design department at the International School of Creative Science in Sharjah for 15 years. She specializes in texture painting and enjoys working with a variety of materials. Saida has exhibited around 2,300 pieces of her students' artwork during the school's six art exhibitions.

Shiba Khan

Paperworld Middle East - Shiba Khan

 Founder, Funun Arts Group of UAE

Shiba Khan is an artist, art activist, curator, and fashion designer. She is the founder of Funun Arts Group and co-owner of Al Saqf Al Lamea, an interior design company. Khan's work is a mix of bold styles and colors, and she experiments continuously with textures and colors to tell unique stories. She holds UAE's prestigious Golden visa for her cultural contributions. She had participated in more than 100 National as well as inter national art exhibitions. Her artwork is adorning the walls of  various luxurious hotels & private collectors.

Stefania Pomillo

Paperworld Middle East - Stefania Pomillo

 Artist, Signature Canvas

The artist is an Italian surveyor who developed a passion for art at an early age. After attending painting courses and participating in exhibitions, she moved to Dubai in 2019 to fully dedicate herself to painting, writing, and illustrating. Her paintings cover various themes, from landscape to portrait to abstract, based on her current inspiration.

Sumedha Randev Goel

Paperworld Middle East - Sumedha Randev Goel

 Artist, Art Therapy

Sumedha is a dynamic abstract mixed media artist whose captivating paintings draw inspiration from the bustling essence of urban life. Her artistry skillfully navigates the interplay between the natural and the built, showcasing the contrasting beauty of urban architecture against the backdrop of nature. Sumedha's artworks encapsulate the captivating chaos and innate beauty that coexist within urban landscapes, exploring the transformative power of cities as places of growth and rejuvenation.