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Experience the excitement of Playworld Village

Discover the engaging world of Playworld Village, a dedicated segment in Paperworld Middle East, that celebrates the realm of toys and children's products in the Middle East. Playworld Village attracts leading industry brands, up-and-coming talents, and creative visionaries, all united to showcase the latest innovations and advancements in the toy market.

Within the dynamic atmosphere of Playworld Village, exhibitors proudly present their latest creations and offerings, catering to a diverse audience of retailers, distributors, and industry professionals eager to explore the latest trends and forge valuable connections. Join us at Playworld Village and delve into the world of toys and children's products, where innovation and creativity converge to shape the future of play.

baby toys in playworld village at paperworld middle east

High chairs, cots, strollers, car seats, baby fashion, baby furniture, children's personal grooming products and cosmetics, soft toys, learning products, wooden toys

childrens toys in playworld village at paperworld middle east

Children's furniture, children's clothing and accessories, shoes and bags, children's entertainment, travel and holidays

Paperworld Middle East - Playworld Toys and games

Board games, video and computer games, cartoon characters and accessories, musical instruments, magic sets, joke products, collecting kits, licensors

toy car in playworld village at paperworld middle east

Tricyles, scooters, skateboards, sports toys, outdoor toys, outdoor playground equipment, kindergarden and playground equipment

Dolls in playworld village at paperworld middle east

Baby dolls, plush toys, play houses, dolls' clothing and accessories, puppets, super-hero toys and action figurines

toy motorbike in playworld village at paperworld middle east

Model kits, building blocks, mechanical toys, electronic and battery operated toys, electronics for children (radios, stereos, clocks), recorded music (CDs, cassettes), radio controlled kits and cars, car tracks and accessories

Balloons in playworld village at paperworld middle east

Balloons, party decorations and accessories, fancy dress/costumes

How to get involved

Paperworld Middle East - Exhibition Grounds

Exhibiting at the show

Paperworld Middle East provides an ideal platform to promote your products, brands and company at a globe stage. Secure a stand and display your products to 9000+ visitors.

Paperworld Middle East - Getting there

Visiting the show

Paperworld Middle East serves as a global serving platform for buyers to source products from over 30 counties under one roof over the span of 3 days.