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Discover boundless networking opportunities at the upcoming edition of Paperworld Middle East, the region’s largest international trade show for paper, stationery & office supplies.

Paperworld Middle East

Battle of Brushes: Where creativity competes  

Battle of Brushes, a thrilling event created by Funun Arts in collaboration with Paperworld Middle East, where we seek the ultimate master artist. This is more than a competition; it's a celebration of creativity and passion. Artists of all levels, from seasoned professionals to enthusiastic beginners, are invited to pick up their brushes and let their creativity flow.

Compete through four exciting stages, and those who succeed will have the honour of painting live at Paperworld Middle East. There, we will crown a winner in each category, recognizing their artistic talent and creative excellence. 



Choose one of the below categories to create and submit your artwork:

  • Abstract
  • Realism
  • Pencil/Charcoal
  • Watercolor

Submission Timeline:

The top 40 artists will be selected (10 from each category) 

The top 20 artists will be selected (5 from each category) 

The top 8 artists will be selected (2 from each category)

The top 4 master artists (1 in each category)

The 4 winning master artists will be announced.

In collaboration with:

Paperworld Middle East - Funun Arts

Funun Arts, founded in 2016 by Shiba Khan and Farah Khan, is a vibrant community that celebrates diverse artistic talents. Beyond exhibitions, they focus on education and community engagement, offering workshops and seminars to foster inclusivity and shared artistic experiences. Their "Youth Creative Minds Hub" empowers young individuals, while their global presence includes collaborations, art fairs, and shows. With over 1000 artists from various backgrounds, Funun Arts acts as a comprehensive hub, fostering connections and opportunities within the art world.

Visit their website for more information