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An opportunity to network beyond geographical boundaries

Paperworld Middle East gives an opportunity to all its attendees to network for FREE, not just at the physical event but also on the digital platform. Reach out to international distributors and manufacturers beyond traditional geographical boundaries. 

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Tutorial videos: How to use the digital platform

Business Matchmaking Programme

This is a vital tool which allows you to efficiently set your meeting agendas before the show for maximum benefit – it’s about meeting the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Introduced with the aim of facilitating business connections between exhibitors and visitors, the Business Matchmaking Program is a vital tool for exhibitors and visitors pre-show, which allows you to efficiently set your meeting agendas for maximum benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are listed some of the common questions or doubts any attendee of Paperworld Middle East might have in their mind. For any other query, please reach out to us at

Click here to register as a visitor. It will take you to the registration form where you can complete your registration for Paperworld Middle East and gain access to the virtual networking platform.

We have partnered with an AI-powered, award-winning networking platform to bring this digital platform to you. The link for Paperworld Middle East’s digital platform is available here.

Upon your first login, the platform asks for you to review or update your profile on the platform. It collects demographic information such as your Job function, Industry and Categories of Products that you will present. This information is used by the system to bring up recommendations of visitors, buyers, speakers or sessions that match your preferences.

On subsequent logins, if you want to further edit or enhance your profile, go to the digital platform and click on Profile (top right corner) on the menu bar. Here you can upload a photograph, include a headline (visible to other participants on first glance) and provide a summary.

Before you start networking ensure, you have completed your individual profile, the system then uses your information to show a variety of recommendations. To begin networking, you may head to the left panel on the homepage.

Recommended for You: This area is where the system will show exhibitor visitor contacts or sessions that match your profile preferences. Each day, as new visitors join the platform, you will notice your recommendations keep updating automatically.

Interested in You: This generates a list of all those contacts who have shown interest in your profile and are looking to form a connection

My Connections: This is a quick list for you to view all contacts with whom you have formed a virtual connection. A Connection is formed when interest is shown by one contact and has been accepted by the other.

My Interested List: This is a list of all contacts that you have shown interest in. Those contacts get notified of your interest and may choose to accept your Interest (in which case a Connection is formed) or choose to Skip your interest.

My Skip List: This is a list of all contacts that you have Skipped while networking. It allows you to revisit and consider connecting with someone later, whom you initially had a lesser interest in.

In addition, you can also view a full list of visitors, exhibitors, exhibitor representatives and speakers that are available for networking on the platform by going under those specific lists on the left panel of the home feed.

As a visitor, you don’t have a limit to the number of meetings you can have on the platform. However, you are not allowed to have more than 20 pending meetings requests at any given point in time.

Are you still facing issues on the platform?

If you are already an exhibitor on the platform and are still facing issues, please contact us on