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18 - 20 March, 2019 Dubai, UAE Visitor registration

Playworld Village

Toys, games and baby lifestyle products.

Continuing to uncover, unite and build the Middle East’s industry for toys and all other products for kids, Playworld Middle East is the only trade exhibition in the region of its kind. As a Show Highlight Pavilion at Paperworld Middle East, the exhibition will take place from 18 - 20 March 2019. The previous edition welcomed a combined audience of 7,179 trade visitors from 90 countries.

Most international brands are represented locally in Dubai since most of the toys in the GCC and other “difficult-to-reach” markets are routed from the UAE. Also for new brands and products, the exhibition has proven to be a great platform to enter the Middle East market for toys and games, a market which is becoming increasingly mature and better regulated.

Current and past exhibitors & brands

Paperworld Middle East Playword Melissa & Doug
Paperworld Middle East Playworld Atiq Liusie
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Paperworld Middle East Playworld Amscan Logo
Paperworld Middle East Playworld Anagram Logo
bingo logo paperworld middle east
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Paperworld Middle East Playworld Sarmadee logo
Paperworld Middle East Playworld Just DK logo
Paperworld Middle East Playworld Pokemon logo
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Paperworld Middle East Playworld Party Centre logo
Paperworld Middle East Playworld Anagram
Paperworld Middle East Playworld Skola
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toy tiger in playworld village at paperworld middle east
Product Groups include everything such as toys and games, baby, infant & pre-school products and toys, children's lifestyle products, bicycles and sport equipment, dolls, models and electronics as well as party items among other things.
baby toys in playworld village at paperworld middle east

High chairs, cots, strollers, car seats, baby fashion, baby furniture, children's personal grooming products and cosmetics, soft toys, learning products, wooden toys

childrens toys in playworld village at paperworld middle east

Children's furniture, children's clothing and accessories, shoes and bags, children's entertainment, travel and holidays

Paperworld Middle East - Playworld Toys and games

Board games, video and computer games, cartoon characters and accessories, musical instruments, magic sets, joke products, collecting kits, licensors

toy car in playworld village at paperworld middle east

Tricyles, scooters, skateboards, sports toys, outdoor toys, outdoor playground equipment, kindergarden and playground equipment

Dolls in playworld village at paperworld middle east

Baby dolls, plush toys, play houses, dolls' clothing and accessories, puppets, super-hero toys and action figurines

toy motorbike in playworld village at paperworld middle east

Model kits, building blocks, mechanical toys, electronic and battery operated toys, electronics for children (radios, stereos, clocks), recorded music (CDs, cassettes), radio controlled kits and cars, car tracks and accessories

Balloons in playworld village at paperworld middle east

Balloons, party decorations and accessories, fancy dress/costumes

Some of the 2019 featured exhibitors

Nara Global Product Paperworld Middle East

Nara Global

For more than 40 years Nara has been pioneering the manufacturing of quality children's toys, games and modelling clayin. 

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In 2018, the retail value of toys and games in the Middle East and Africa reached US $5.7 billion. By 2020, this figure is predicted to exceed US $7 billion.

Free Educational Seminars 

This year in the Playworld Village, there will be a number of free-to-attend seminars for those in the toys and games business. Register to secure you place and receive updates on the final agenda which will be released soon! 

  • The Importance of Self-Directed Play in Child’s Learning and Development - Magdalena Matulewicz, Co-Founder / President, Natural Born Leaders
  • Nurturing Children’s Leadership Skills in Early Years Education - Witold Matulewicz, Co-Founder / Vice President, Natural Born Leaders
Speaker at paperworld middle east
man talking to speaker at seminar paperworld middle east
Speaker at paperworld middle east

Inviting all balloon artists to participate!

balloon master at paperworld middle east

Middle East balloon artists are invited to showcase their balloon talents at a unique competition in Dubai, creating magical designs that are proving popular at weddings, parties, and themed events across the region.

Armed only with an air pump and their own imagination, contestants of the Qualatex Mystery Box competition will be presented with individual boxes containing the same assortment of Qualatex balloons, before they’re given 20 minutes to conjure their own stunning balloon décor. 

Where: Qualatex stand at Paperworld Middle East 2019, Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

When: 18th – 20th March 2019

Interested in participating? Click here to send us an email for all the information and to register

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Information for visitors

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Events & Themes

Paperworld Middle East is far more than just a product showcase. It is a meeting place, a platform for trends, ideas and above all, a communication forum for bold, innovative and dynamic industry players.

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