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Go Green at Paperworld Middle East

In today’s consumer world, the use of sustainable products is gaining importance. Keeping with industry norms, Paperworld Middle East attempts to address this subject with a special area, “The Green Room”, where environmentally friendly products from exhibitors are featured along with the ‘eco-credentials’ of the items.

Paperworld Middle East - The Green Room

Why is this important?

Traditionally, the Middle East has been known for its high consumption levels, but recently, there has been a noticeable change in consumer patterns with a greater emphasis on being environmentally responsible. Both corporates and individuals in the region are increasingly opting for ‘green’ products. This trend is further emphasised by governments around the region setting new environmentally friendly regulations in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint.

Discover some of the featured 'Green' products


Stay ahead of your competition with new, bold & innovative products made from recycled raw wood veneer. The designs created with laser include greeting cards, bookmarks, and gifts. These products highlight the natural elegance in the rough wood grains, and though similar, no two pieces are exactly the same providing a uniqueness to each product. 

Paperworld Middle East notebooks

The EcoBiz Hard Cover notebook, kraft cover with matte lamination. Black metallic wirebound. with 96 recycled sheets, 4 holes and micro-perforation. They will also present Colors Pure Nature wood color pencils, round natural body with 3mm ultra resistant lead. The vivid and intense colors guarantee a different stroke with a perfect finish.

Paperworld Middle East Double A

Double A Paper –Tree is the result of 25 years of research and development to find the right tree most suited to Thailand’s climate which is fast growing, matures in three to five years and also produces the high-quality pulp for paper making which is sustainably sourced. Because Paper Trees can be regenerated tree times, farmers can harvest them and earn additional income after each cycle.. Double A ‘s commitment in promoting sustainable development to making a better paper and a better world continues through its environmentally friendly process in producing the best premium quality paper.

Text Media
classmate products

ITC is the manufacturer of India's first Ozone treated environment friendly Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) pulp, paper and paperboard. It blends its knowledge of image processing, printing and conversion garnered from Packaging & Printing Business with its brand building and trade marketing & distribution strengths resident in its FMCG business to offer superior value products to consumers. The papers used in Classmate and Paperkraft notebooks are superior in quality and environment-friendly. Other offerings available in education and stationery range are safe and certified non-toxic.

corkboard at paperworld middle east

Bi-silque help partners, customers and end users carry out their sustainable commitment, through our EARTH Collection. Earth is Bi-silque’s fastest growing global product line, and it is the most comprehensive eco-range in the visual communication market. You can get to know more about Bi-silque’s Earth range at Paperworld Middle East and discover the brand’s Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products.


Paperworld Middle East Office Paper

The Navigator brand is one of the world’s best-selling products in the premium office paper market. It’s a vertically-integrated forestry group, with its own forestry research institute, and the world leader in the genetic improvement of the Eucalyptus globulus.


There is an exciting synchronicity between nature, plant fiber and papermaking. At bluecat paper, they create their beautiful papers with the pulp of cotton, mulberry, coffee husk to name a few. They go through a process of cooking, beating followed by handpaper making. This is an ideal and environmentally-friendly way of making paper which in turn defines their beautiful and creative products.

Paperworld Middle East envelopes

Producing more than 1 billion envelopes annually, WZ Eurocopert are one of the largest and most environmentally conscious envelop manufacturers in the world. They have more than a dozen technologically advanced machines through which they manufacture, ensuring its strict environmental policies are adhered to through the process.

Paperworld Middle East - Green Room - pencils

India’s largest pencil-manufacturing company, Hindustan Pencils is the go-to brand in stationery, especially in the primary school market. The company do not use any forest wood for manufacturing pencils and they are made using Agroforestry wood only. They strive to protect bio-diversity and maintain ecological balance on a sustainable basis.

Paperworld Middle East - Green Room - the patch-wood

Manufacturer of stationery such as notebooks, address books, sketch books and photo albums. The Patch-Wood use Medium Density Fibre Board, more commonly known as MDF, for the covers. The company focuses on using eco-friendly materials and processes to manufacture their products.

Luxor Green Room at Paperworld Middle East

In line with our mission of giving a little back to the planet, we have continued our commitment to the environment since the launch of the LUXOR ECO-WRITE Range, manufactured from over 70% Recycled Plastic and ECO LOGO Certified, we offer the complete range of writing instruments – Permanent Markers, Whiteboard Markers, Highlighters, Ball Pens, Gel Pens and Fine Writers.

Rapesco Green Room at Paperworld Middle East

The vision to provide products with a new high level of performance and appearance is fast becoming a reality. And Rapesco are delivering these 21st century lifestyle stapling machines and hole punches today with a wealth of choice whatever the application. Rapesco products are more than mundane functional items, they are feats of engineering. We are relentlessly searching for ways to give our products extra value.

smart bag sarl at green room at paperworld middle east

SMARTBAGS operates in the packaging and Promotional bags sector since1999, offering a dynamic service for its local and global customers, capable of managing the design, construction and production of customized solutions. Each product is the result of a unique technical and creative process based on ecofriendly & recyclable methodology, together with over 20 different shapes, 90 sizes, 45 fabric colors and endless designs. 


The Green Room allows retailers, department stores, schools, and stationery dealers from across the Middle East a first-hand look at a range of environmentally appropriate stationery and paper-based products, the likes of which are new to the region, but which shows the direction to where the market is headed


“The UAE leadership and companies across the Middle East are encouraging the use of sustainable products, and our belief is that sustainability can start with a pencil. Our aim is to save our trees one pencil at a time.”

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