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Project Sustainability

Go Green at Paperworld Middle East

In today’s consumer world, the use of sustainable products is gaining importance. Keeping with industry norms, Paperworld Middle East attempts to address this subject with a special area, “Project Sustainability”, where environmentally friendly products from exhibitors are featured along with the ‘eco-credentials’ of the items.

Paperworld Middle East - The Green Room

Why is this important?

Traditionally, the Middle East has been known for its high consumption levels, but recently, there has been a noticeable change in consumer patterns with a greater emphasis on being environmentally responsible. Both corporates and individuals in the region are increasingly opting for ‘green’ products. This trend is further emphasised by governments around the region setting new environmentally friendly regulations in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint.

Discover some of the 2021 featured 'Green' products

PPW_E6023_desk stress reliever

The smart desk organizer and desk stress reliever are both made from bamboo.  Bamboo has been touted as the wonder grass and it is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth.

It is a “green” alternative to deforestation for hardwoods and is 100% bio-degradable. It is sturdy and lightweight and has moisture-resistant and anti-bacterial properties which make it appealing to the Middle East.

Paperworld Middle East notebooks

EWA Eco-Wood-Art™ is a manufacturer and wholesaler of wooden mechanical construction kits, self-assembling models and toys for teens and adults. EWA is a team of professionals with the shared idea to create fascinating construction kits of realistic mechanical models, made of natural, pure and totally safe materials. 

Paperworld Middle East Office Paper

The Navigator brand is one of the world’s best-selling products in the premium office paper market. It’s a vertically-integrated forestry group, with its own forestry research institute, and the world leader in the genetic improvement of the Eucalyptus globulus.

Paperworld Middle East envelopes

Producing more than 1 billion envelopes annually, WZ Eurocopert are one of the largest and most environmentally conscious envelop manufacturers in the world. They have more than a dozen technologically advanced machines through which they manufacture, ensuring its strict environmental policies are adhered to through the process.

corkboard at paperworld middle east

Wood Trick” LLC (Ukraine, Berdyansk) is a rapidly growing brand with more than five years dedicated to successfully designing, producing, and selling mechanical, prefabricated 3-Dimensional Constructor Kits. These Constructor Kits are made of safe, pollutant-free wood, targeting the current International Demand for eco-friendly toys. 

Their company is dedicated to the production of superb quality mechanical constructors, so we rely on advanced cutting and shaping technologies and stringent quality control standards at each stage of production to ensure safety.


Beaumont-Group has been the first European giftwrap company to supply in the UAE. They produce a full-range of giftwrap paper - counter rolls , consumer rolls, gift bags. No middle man involved, that guarantees the best prices from an European supplier.

They have a dedicated marketing team that offers a full service for personalized and customized items, and push the french savoir-faire.

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The demand for a sustainable four-colour ballpoint pen on the market has become increasingly strong. Therefore, Schneider has worked on the perfect solution: a model that convinces with high writing quality, sustainability and attractive design. The new Take 4 from Schneider has managed to meet all these requirements. As a leading ballpoint pen manufacturer, Schneider can now enrich its product range with another highlight product.

Dhara Paper at Paperworld Middle East

Based in one of the world's business hubs, Dhara Paper is a dynamic manufacturing and trading company with expertise in paper-related goods. With sourcing and selling over 20 countries, we can be sure to find a solution for you when it comes to paper.

We believe in sustainable business and this means thinking about the future, together. Globalization has created a rapidly evolving world where problems need solutions faster and faster. 


The Green Room allows retailers, department stores, schools, and stationery dealers from across the Middle East a first-hand look at a range of environmentally appropriate stationery and paper-based products, the likes of which are new to the region, but which shows the direction to where the market is headed


“The UAE leadership and companies across the Middle East are encouraging the use of sustainable products, and our belief is that sustainability can start with a pencil. Our aim is to save our trees one pencil at a time.”