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Office & Business

A few key reasons to visit the show for businesses, small and large, as well as Office Managers that require stationery and office supplies

Creativity meets productivity across a wide and varied range of stationery, office supplies and more. Find products that are fit-for-purpose for your company’s needs, negotiate great bargains and be inspired by game-changing products that enhance your team’s efforts, every day.

Who should visit?

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  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Operators
  • Large Organisations and Corporations
  • Office Supply and IT Consultants
  • Manufacturers and Wholesalers
  • Importers, Exporters and Trade Agents
  • Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers

Office Managers, Procurement & Purchasing Managers, Business Owners and Buyers of office supplies and staionery for small businesses and large organisations should visit Paperworld Middle East. 

2021 Featured exhibitors

Remanexpo Paperworld Middle East

Daisytek Computers LLC

Established in 1990 & headquartered in Dubai, Daisytek Computers LLC is one of the leading trader & exporter of printer consumables & computer accessories (all types of office supplies) in the Middle East. Their product range includes Cartridges, Toners, Drum, Tapes, Copiers, Printers, Ribbons and more.

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Paperworld Middle East - Featured Exhibitor Linc Pens

Linc Pen

One of India’s most trusted writing instruments brand with a national and international presence in over 50 countries, Linc Pen is bringing out new innovations in pens and pen technology. The company has an exclusive license to distribute and market Uniball products.

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Paperworld Middle East - Business Matchmaking
  1. Search for exhibitors based on products and more
  2. Identify which exhibitors you want to meet at the show
  3. Schedule your meetings before you arrive

As a pre-registered visitor, you are automatically profiled into the Business Matchmaking Program. Our team will assist you and confirm these meetings before the show.

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“I’m a regular at Paperworld Middle East, and continue to visit the show as it’s important to know a lot of new suppliers in the market. That instant one-on-one connectivity is very important to proceed farther with potential partnerships.”

"As a printing technology industrial consultant it’s very important to know the latest industry innovations, which is why I visit Paperworld Middle East. The variety of products on show was the biggest surprise for me.”

“Paperworld Middle East is very well planned and a good platform for upfront prospecting and sourcing from exhibitors of all types from around the globe.”

The Green Room

Events Paperworld Middle East

In today’s consumer world, the use of sustainable products is gaining importance. Keeping with industry norms, Paperworld Middle East attempts to address this subject with a special area, “The Green Room”, where environmentally friendly products from exhibitors are featured along with the ‘eco-credentials’ of the items.

Industry Seminars

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Acquire expert insight into the latest market trends and opportunities from thought leaders in the industry at engaging seminars that cover important topics such as the African market, remanufacturing, and more.

Remanexpo Middle East

Calidad at Paperworld Middle East

From remanufactured printer cartridges and toners to IT accessories and remanufacturing services, find a comprehensive range of products and innovations from OEM suppliers and the recycling industry in this exclusive product area.

More helpful information

Paperworld Middle East - Exhibition Grounds

Exhibition Grounds

Located 10 minutes from DXB airport, the venue is easily accessible by metro or taxi and also has plenty of parking available if you're driving. Business services, restaurants and hotels are also plentiful within the complex.

Paperworld Middle East - Getting there

Getting to the show

Once in Dubai, travel is easy with the availability of various public transport options such as taxi, bus, Dubai Metro or private car services like Uber & Careem.

Paperworld Middle East - Information for visitors

Information for visitors

Everything you need to know about visiting the show, from dates, registration and admission to arrival and events taking place.

Paperworld Middle East - Events & Themes

Events & Themes

Paperworld Middle East is far more than just a product showcase. It is a meeting place, a platform for trends, ideas and above all, a communication forum for bold, innovative and dynamic industry players.